Easter Delights event brings joy and community spirit to Chichester District

19th April 2024

This past Easter, the Chichester District Foodbank hosted a special event called Easter Delights, offering families on low incomes a morning of fun, food, and friendship at no cost. The event, part of our ongoing commitment to support not just the nutritional, but also the social and emotional well-being of our community, was a resounding success.

Held at the Sylvia Beaufoy Centre, the event featured a range of activities designed to bring families together and provide a joyful break from the everyday stresses of life. Children and parents alike participated in making and enjoying wholesome treats, engaging in creative activities, and forming new friendships.

Feedback from the event has been overwhelmingly positive, underscoring the vital need for such community driven initiatives. One attendee remarked, “Good to find free events. I would like these events offered near Horsham, if possible. Good to encourage healthy eating.” This kind of feedback not only highlights the success of the event but also the community’s desire for more accessible, healthy living-focused activities.

Another participant shared, “Absolutely brilliant. My boys loved it.” It’s clear that the event provided much-needed enjoyment and a sense of belonging, something all children deserve to experience, regardless of their family’s financial situation.

The need for more inclusive and regular community activities was also expressed, especially for younger children. A Petworth resident noted, “It is very hard living in Petworth on a low income as there is very little to do and holiday club is only on two days a week. It would be really lovely to have somewhere that children can go and meet up and make new friends.” The suggestion for expanding youth clubs to include younger age groups during the holidays reflects a broader community need for inclusive, supportive environments for children of all ages.

Easter Delights was more than just a day of fun; it was a platform for us to listen to the needs of our community and consider how best to support our younger residents throughout the year. Events like these are stepping stones toward a more connected and supported community, where every family has access to resources that support both physical and emotional well-being.

At Chichester District Foodbank, we are encouraged by the positive impact of the Easter Delights event and are motivated to continue and expand our efforts. We look forward to bringing more events like this to the community and are grateful for the continued support and suggestions from all participants.

Our next event will be in Midhurst at The Grange on Wednesday 29 May. More details to follow.

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