The Chichester Bike Project: New wheels, new opportunities

20th February 2024

The Chichester Community Development Trust just started something awesome called the Chichester Bike Project over at Shopwhyke Lakes. This isn’t just about bikes; it’s about bringing people together, helping our planet, and getting everyone excited about cycling. Here is what’s happening:

After-School Workshops

Starting February 23, they’re kicking off free workshops for folks. One cool program lets people who’ve had a tough time finding work fix up a bike and then keep it. It’s a great way to learn new things and get a free way to get around.


Every Wednesday afternoon, there’s a workshop where you can come and learn how to fix bikes. You don’t need to know anything about bikes to join – they’ll show you what to do. And if you’ve got your own bike that needs a little love, you can fix that too for a small fee.

After School Bikes for Kids

On Fridays, kids between 8 and 18 can come and learn how to take care of their bikes for free. It’s all about getting hands-on and having fun.
They’re also opening up a place called ‘The Hub’ at Shopwhyke Lakes. It’s a space where people can meet up for different clubs and activities. It’s all about community. The Chichester Bike Project isn’t just good news for bike lovers; it’s great for everyone. By supporting projects like this, we’re all helping to make Chichester a better place. And just like the Foodbank helps make sure no one goes hungry, this project helps make sure more people can get around easily and affordably.

If you’re into bikes, want to learn something new, or just want to help out, check it out. They’re looking for volunteers to share their bike skills with others. To learn more or sign up, head over to their website: Chichester Bike Project.

The team at the Chichester District Foodbank loves seeing projects like this. It’s all about helping each other out and making our community stronger.


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