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Please see below, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations, our new privacy statement.

Chichester District Foodbank takes data security very seriously.

The Foodbank holds the names, postal addresses and email addresses of known supporters. This supporter data is only used to send newsletters or similar communications. Under the General Data Protection Regulations, these communications are sent to you because the Foodbank has a “legitimate Interest” in keeping supporters informed. The data is held securely on our newsletter client, Mailchimp, which is only accessible via the Manager. Supporter data is not accessible to any other people and is not used for any purpose other than sending newsletters. It is never shared with any other organisation. Supporters can unsubscribe from the list at any time they wish. Chichester District Foodbank keeps a record of supporters who have unsubscribed to make sure they are not accidentally included in later emails.

For more detailed information on our privacy project, please click the links below:

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Last updated 21/02/2022

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