Shining a light on Wellbeing Month at West Sussex Libraries

6th March 2024

This March, Chichester District Foodbank is excited to highlight the celebration of Wellbeing Month in West Sussex Libraries. As a charity deeply committed to the wellbeing of our community, we’re thrilled to share the wealth of resources, services, and activities that our local libraries are offering to enhance your mental and emotional health.

Why reading matters

Research shows that reading can significantly impact our mental health for the better. West Sussex Libraries offer an impressive selection of ‘Reading Well’ books tailored for adults, teens, and children, focusing on mental health topics. Additionally, staff recommendations for ‘Books to Boost Your Mood’ are perfect for those looking to uplift their spirits through the power of storytelling.

Engage in library activities

Beyond the pages, the libraries host a variety of free, regular activities designed to bring people together. Whether you’re into knitting and nattering, enjoying a good board Game, or seeking rhyme times and storytimes for the little ones, there’s something for everyone. Special wellbeing-themed storytimes are also on the agenda this Wellbeing Month, providing a unique blend of entertainment and emotional support.

Special events for wellbeing

The libraries have gone the extra mile, organising special events throughout Wellbeing Month. Expect drop-ins from Age UK, Meals on Wheels, Fire & Rescue, and the Wellbeing Hubs, along with taster reminiscence sessions, among others. Keep an eye out as more events are announced!

Discover local clubs and organisations

Interested in picking up a new hobby, learning an instrument, or joining a sports team? The libraries’ comprehensive database of local groups and organisations is a treasure trove for anyone looking to enrich their lives with new experiences and connections.

Journey into the past

Dive into history with the ‘Opening the Library Archive’ collections available across all libraries. These collections feature local photos, newspaper articles, historical maps, and more, offering a fascinating glimpse into the past. The Reminiscence Collection, with over 200 packs on various topics, is sure to engage and inspire.

Comprehensive wellbeing support

To learn more about the extensive wellbeing support offered by West Sussex Libraries, including the Home Library Direct service and Understand Me Communication Library, visit their Library Access for All and Wellbeing Resources pages.


At Chichester District Foodbank, we believe in the holistic support of our community members, recognising that wellbeing extends beyond physical needs. We encourage everyone to explore the incredible resources and activities available this Wellbeing Month at West Sussex Libraries. It’s a perfect opportunity to nourish your mind, body, and spirit.
Remember, taking care of your wellbeing is essential, and your local library is a great place to start. Let’s embrace Wellbeing Month together!”



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