World Social Justice Day: Helping everyone get fair access to food

20th February 2024

World Social Justice Day is all about fairness, equality, and treating everyone right. At Chichester District Foodbank, these ideas are what we stand for every day. We want to make sure nobody in our area goes hungry or worries about their next meal.

For us, justice means doing our best so everyone can have enough to eat. World Social Justice Day reminds us why we work so hard to give food to people who need it and try to fix bigger problems that make people go hungry in the first place.

Ending hunger is a big job and shows how collaborate to make things fair for everyone. On World Social Justice Day, we’re thankful for everyone who helps us—whether by giving food, time, or support – to make sure our neighbours have what they need.

This World Social Justice Day, we’re asking you to join us. There are lots of ways you can help, like volunteering, giving food or money, or even talking about how to make things better for everyone. With your help, we can do more for people who need it.

A big thank you to all our volunteers and supporters. You’re the reason we can help so many people. Let’s keep going, working together to make sure everyone has access to food and fairness.

Want to help? Please see more details about our Guarantee Essential campaign here.

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