Volunteer Voices: Spotlight on David Dixon

24th January 2024


In this edition of “Volunteer Voices,” we shine the spotlight on David Dixon, a devoted volunteer whose journey with the Chichester District Foodbank has been nothing short of inspiring.

David, a retired British Airways employee, moved to Selsey 16 years ago and began his volunteering journey with us in May 2013. With a heart full of generosity and a mantra of “giving back,” David and his wife Carol, a foster carer, have become integral parts of our family of volunteers.

Reflecting on the changes over the years, David recalls the early days of paperwork; a stark contrast to the efficiency brought about by digital advancements. “It’s amazing how much can be done online for the foodbank now,” he shares. Back then, only a handful of agencies were involved, but today, we work with hundreds.

David joined with a hopeful vision – to combat food hunger and poverty in Selsey. Thirteen years on, despite his initial hope of helping to eradicate these issues within a year, he remains a steadfast supporter in a community that has grown to 10,500 people in 5,000 houses.

The enormous community spirit in Selsey is evident, with most donations coming from local individuals. David’s roles have been diverse, from paperwork to handling phone calls and packing food. He believes in the importance of understanding and respecting each client’s unique situation. “You never know what’s behind the clients’ situations. Being non-judgmental and maintaining confidentiality is of paramount importance. It’s crucial that people feel it’s okay to come here; there’s no gossip,” he emphasises.

What fills David with pride is witnessing the full circle of support – seeing those who were once helped by the foodbank returning to donate food themselves. This cycle of giving and community support is what makes our work so fulfilling.

David Dixon’s unwavering dedication and compassionate approach embody the true spirit of a Community Champion. His story is a testament to the difference one person can make and the collective power of a community united in kindness and support.

Thank you, David, for your incredible commitment and for inspiring us all.

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