Coronovirus Update

Last updated Tuesday 21st April 2020


Red Voucher Holders:

Due to the Coronavirus Virus, Chichester District Foodbank has had to change how we operate. This means we are no longer open for clients but our instead doing everything by delivery. If you have a red voucher, please contact your closest centre so that they can arrange a delivery. Details can be found below.

Food Donations:

If you would like to give a delivery, our warehouse is still open and operating. It can be found at behind St John’s Chapel, St John’s Street, Chichester, PO19 1UR. It is open Monday, 9am-3pm, Wednesday 9am-midday and Thursday 9am-3pm. You can also still donate through supermarket baskets or through

Holiday Lunchpacks:

Our holiday lunchpack scheme is now closed. If you are still in need please contact your school or one of our agencies for a Red Voucher referral.

Contact Info:

Chichester – Deliveries only – 01243 773687
Email: [email protected]
(Chichester currently has experienced a large number of calls which means we can’t get back to everyone)

Midhurst – – Deliveries only.
Phone – 07826397732

Selsey – – Deliveries only

Petworth – Delivery only
07501 921617


Please bear with us while we walk through this difficult time. We can’t answer every phone call, but you can email us at [email protected]


Many thanks,


The Foodbank Team