Collect over Christmas with our Reverse Advent Calendar!

23rd October 2019

Christmas time really can be the most wonderful time of the year. I love that at the Foodbank each year we get to see the brilliant work of the local community who donate masses of food! These donations have an amazing impact on our clients and provide us with crucial food for those in need. This Christmas, we would love to encourage you to donate again and have provided a Reverse Advent Calendar for you to use! The idea is simple: each day, rather than receiving something, you donate it! Once you get to the end, you’ll have a nice collection of food to donate and by following our recommended items, you’ll be providing us with everything we are running short of. Also, you’ll notice a lot of the items aren’t Christmas related. While we love being able to give out Christmas goods, the items listed are the items that we really, really need.

If you do want to donate before Christmas, we ask if it’s Christmas goods, please donate them by the end of November. The last day our Warehouse will be open for receiving donations before Christmas will be Thursday 19th December.

So just to recap!

  • Please donate!
  • Feel free to use our reverse advent calendar – but deliver in the New Year if you do!
  • If you do want to donate Christmas treats, please donate them by November 30th
  • Our last warehouse open day for deliveries before Christmas is Thursday 19th December
  • Please don’t bring donations to our foodbank centre on Orchard Street as we don’t have the space!

Have a Merry Christmas, and thank you in advance from all of us here at Chichester District Foodbank. With your help, we can look to make poverty history in the Chichester District.

Click here to download our Reverse Advent Calendar

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